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I'm Back...Maybe

16 Sep 2013 8:00 Tags: Blog, News

So, I made the first post in nine months last week. I then went on to accidentally delete it whilst doing a bulk spam clean out, and had to reassemble it from snippets in my memory and a partial cached version.

It really doesn't feel like nine months to me — it was quite a busy time. I might be back now. I started writing all sort of things in the missing time, some of which may one day be publishable. In the meantime, some news.

My disappearance was mainly caused by my post buffer running out over Christmas; my seasonal holiday left me rather ill for a few weeks - or months, depending on how one illness overlapped into another. The intervening has seen me shift my stuff a couple of times1, and a large workload going through the 12-months in gainful employment barrier.

At work, I have helped MyDeals work its way to being one of the fastest sites according to Alexa2, with a roughly at 70% reduction in page load times. We also now have more merchants and more active deals on the site along with a growing community section.

The repository in which I keep my draft posts has now been cleaned up – a lot of political nonsense that was coming up to being a year out of date was dropped in favour of a clean(er) slate to work on. Some of the maths/science/programming posts have been kept in draft form3.

  1. 1 Possibly going to have to do that again in a few weeks&ellip;
  2. 2 The numbers on here seem to vary from weeke to week because of what other tech teams are doing.
  3. 3 And a couple of those have been finished since