Myself, Coding, Ranting, and Madness

The Consciousness Stream Continues…


This blog, tersely titled Myself, Coding, Ranting, and Madness is an ecelectic mixture of notes on programming, views on (mainly British) political happenings, and odd philosophical musings.

The Author: Benedict Harcourt

Benedict Harcourt MEng ACGI is a recent graduate from Imperial College London, where he studied Information Systems Engineering (now Electronic and Information Engineering), graduating in 2012. Whilst there he enjoyed, spent time in, helped run, and (in terms of domicile law) nearly lived in the College's Science Fiction Library

From there, he attempted to hide from the real world by hiding behind his computer at London-based tech company Mindwork Labs, where he configures his brain as a stack, with the overhead of context switches worse than even that of Pentium 4 processor.

In his spare time, he manages this blog, listens to a wide, wide range of music, and works on a number programming projects, which can be found over on his GitHub account, with a variety of smaller pieces of code linked for his main site.

His achievements include continuing to not use Twitter, drinking three litres of Earl Grey tea a day, and having looked at every non-video post on I Can Has Cheezburger. These combined to the creation of, a website dedicated to cats with tea, or tea with cats, or any combination thereof.

The Blog: Purpose and Updates

The blog was started because people asked Ben to start one. That kind of sums up why he does most things; people are cute, and he kinda likes them. I kept on mainly because it seemed a shame to stop, and I might one day write something of use.

Another reason might be that I have always felt, and sometimes been told, that I lack good communication skills. There is some part of me that thinks that writing without the pressure of a direct recipient might one day help me to improve.

Posts should come out at least once a week; the writing schedule varies drastically, with some days resulting in enough posts for 3 a week for the next month or so, and some months being entirely dry on content. A lot of this revolves around what is going on — posts about the author's life are generally avoided, and posts on politics and programming require politics and programming to happen.

The best way to get the updates to to subscribe to the RSS feed in your favourite feed reader.