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Governing? There's an app for that!

28 Nov 2012 8:00 Tags: Politics, Commons, Programming, Technology

Government is steadily becoming more digital: we've had,, and providing online access to a wide range of data. This year has seen something of a drive for getting the politician into the digital age.


Parliament Week

22 Nov 2012 11:00 Tags: News, Politics, Commons

So, it turns out that this week is Parliament Week, with a wide range of events going on aimed at school students and people looking to get interested in UK politics.

I must say I'm a little surprised to have missed this previous year — the website has information about last year's events, and heavy implications that it's been going on since before that. If it does pre-date my following, I'm a tiny bit astonished that it wasn't marked in school at some point or another.