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The Consciousness Stream Continues…


21 Dec 2012 16:00 Tags: Blog, News

I'm pleased to report that I have finally moved all the content off the old blog onto this new platform.

Because of various format changes over the last three years, some of them may still not be rendering properly; I think I've already fixed the worst of the visual bugs, but there is a surprisingly large amount of data to sort through. There's also all the tags to reinstate; I'm hoping to be able to get this sorted out as a script at some point soon.

All this should hopefully mean that I will soon have time to start writing regular posts again — I even have an upcoming train journey for writing up some of the drafts I have in the work (much like last year, there's quite a few of these). There's also some late in the year legal and politics news (you would have thought they'd gone home by now, but things still seem to be happening).