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Reith Lectures

9 Oct 2013 15:00 Tags: Politics

Artist Grayson Perry presents the 2013 BBC Reith Lectures, titled “Playing to the Gallery”. The first programme will be available to download on Tuesday 15 October 2013.

The fours lectures are billed to be looking at the role and place of art in the landscape of the 21st century, talking about topics such as the role or art in society, the limits of contemporary art, and the idea of how we judge quality1. The last of these has the potential to make for a most interesting lecture, perhaps electing to build on Pirsig's Metahpysics of Quality2.

Also worth being aware of are the historical Reith lectures. Bundled between 1948–1975 and 1976–2012, they contain a number of very interesting talks. For ease of (mainly my own) reference, I compiled a list of all the series:

Happy Listening.

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