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Welcome to Mangler

18 Nov 2012 23:00 Tags: Blog, News, PHP, Programming, Web Design

Welcome to the new version of my blog, now powered by Mangler1. You can find out more about the other bits and bobs I've used in the theme information page.

It's going to be a bit sparse for a little while — there were some rather last minute changes to engine, so I'm going to have to work on the importing of old posts all over again. That's going to take a little while, especially as I haven't finished writing the administration interface for Mangler yet.

However, all new posts will be going here, and old posts will have HTTP redirects added when they have been ported across.

This is, currently, a soft launch — content for this site has been queued up, so I advise you subscribe to the RSS feed, and it tight for things to happen. The big announcement will be going out when a few posts have built up.

In the mean (but hopefully not mode) time, have a poke around and feel free to make suggestions for improvements. I would recommend leaving a comment, but the commenting system has been temporarily disabled — a sure sign that I probably shouldn't be launching today. But where would be the fun in that?

  1. 1 Written mostly by me, based on Acorn, a lightweight framework based around the concepts of James Dryden's LEAF Framework